Enjoy wireless freedom while seamlessly managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single intelligent professional headset system


Finding the best headset microphone depends on your criteria. This isn’t a wireless model and is instead a wired headset microphone. There are many headset microphones on the market, some are expensive but many are now coming down in price. Headset microphones are designed with a natural frequency response that suits the human voice. Enjoy wireless freedom while seamlessly managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single intelligent professional headset https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets/professional-headsets system. It’s a great headset for singing and a great headset microphone for live performances like theatre or comedy thanks to its interference protection over long distances. This microphone has a smooth and natural frequency response which is suited to the human voice. When you’re at this price point, headset microphones do deliver a solid level of audio quality. Well, that and the fact your headset battery will likely outlast your controller’s. A cordless headset requires a base. Do you want to be able to connect your headset to multiple devices? In fact we’d argue that it’s pretty much an impossible task - the Sony headset has a fantastic mix of price and performance. Most packages come with the microphone itself and then a transmitter and receiver. If two people work in shifts at the same desk, they can still have a headset for their own personal use without the necessity of having two base units on one desk. Headset microphones now rival their traditional counterparts and though you can spend thousands, there are some great sets that cost under $500 for the entire system. Sennheiser has been amongst the top rank of microphone manufacturers for decades. This microphone is comfortable, portable and relatively inexpensive. It connects via a USB connection to your computer and the cordless headset allows you to move more freely. Add in an ultra clear mic and this makes for a perfect headset with great sound and real comfort factor. This is a dynamic hypercardioid microphone and thus, it will precisely pick up your voice without picking up background noise. You’ll either need a USB interface to use it or a microphone preamp for amplification. Our only real concerns with this headset come with the mic, which isn’t the best, and the fact that the headband lacks that layer of padding in the more expensive models. So this isn’t a headset that’ll fall apart if you’re overly rough with. This headset microphone from Shure complies to its strict quality benchmarks, offering audio quality comparable to handheld models.